About Me

Oleg Donets SEO expertFirst thing I do in the morning is opening my laptop; sometime later, I’m having my breakfast. By the time lunch time comes, I’m so into my work so I often forget about it. At the dinner time, I’m starving so I just have to eat and it keeps me up until the early morning hours.

I described this routine not to impress you how little I eat and sleep but because I want to make a point of how passionate I’m about what I do! If I could go without food and sleep, I totally would be doing digital marketing (my passion) 24/7.

My digital marketing journey began at the moment when I earned my first dollar online by selling my old LEGO toy on Ebay. I was excited 🙂

Since then I sold all kinds of things online, starting from children books and ending with diamonds. Through this practical experience and endless learning, I mastered very unique skills set, which I was able to replicate in my clients’ businesses and get them incredible results.

Well, of course it is not always so shiny and sweet. From time to time my team and I get challenged by new obstacles. But nothing can stop us when people come to us and tell that we helped them double, triple and quad-ripple their businesses! What can be more fulfilling than that?

At OD Marketers, leading internet marketing agency based in Houston, Texas, we do digital marketing for a living and we love every single minute. We treat every single project as our own so you can stay assured you’re in good hands.

In case you’re looking for a digital marketing agency that will help you get more sales/quotes/requests/phone calls or  whatever it is you’re trying to get more from the internet, I invite you to request a service proposal from us.

We’ll be thrilled to show you how we can help you grow your business through our internet marketing expertise.

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